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How to choose the best mold inspection and remediation company in the Metro Atlanta Market

  • Look for a professional company that knows the local envionment, not a franchise that just moved into the area.
  • Look for a company that is willing to provide you the home owner with information as to why, how and cost for mold remediation.
  • Look for a company that will help you understand why a mold inspection is nessesary.

R4 Restoration meets ALL those requirements. We work hard to make sure you understand what we are doing and why. Check the four items below to see waht you can do to for your home.

  1. If you have a crawlspace or basement in you dwelling, check for cracks in the foundation.
  2. Make sure the grading on your home slopes away from the foundation.
  3. Look at all your gutters. Make sure the water runs away from the foundation.
  4. Check all windows in your home to make sure there are now air leaks. If air is getting in then moisture is getting in.

Mold Removal, is it a do-it-yourself project?

In most cases NO. Did you know that household cleaners can exacerbate mold growth? Common household cleaners cannot completely eliminate spores, so relying on them can lead to the spread of mold to other areas of your property. Our team of trained mold remediation specialists will identify the source of mold growth and perform proper removal, ensuring that your property is safe and indoor air quality is healthy. For expert, professional mold removal, call R4Clean today (404) 428-1255.

What should you do if you find excessive moisture?

Call R4 to schedule a mold inspection.

Before you call any mold inspector, you should know the answers to the following four questions.

First Question:

Is a mold inspection a flat rate price for any Georgia Home?
Answer: NO - A mold inspection is a service based on the general time it takes to inspect your home. So the smaller the square footage the smaller the inspection fee. However if sheet rock walls need to be removed for an in depth inspection, then the cost could be higher. With a call to R4 we can give you a general cost, based on answering a few questions about your property.

Second Question:

Is a mold inspection the same as a real estate home inspection?
Answer: NO - A mold inspector will need to have access to restricted areas like removing grates to inspect HVAC ducts. In some cases the mold inspector may need your permission to remove parts of sheet-rock walls for further inspection.

Third Question:

How much does a mold inspection cost?
Answer: The average, mold inspection costs $290 to $410 for homes below 3,800 square feet. Above 3,900 square feet, the cost can increase to $580 or higher. These costs do not include testing or remediation.

Forth Question:

Is the company doing the mold inspection qualified?
Answer: Look for a company with specific experience and expertise in mold inspections and remediation. Ask them if they are an IICRC Certified company, that employ technicians who, after study, field experience and passing comprehensive exams, have received IICRC certifications in specific cleaning, restoration and inspection categories such as, wood flooring, stone and tile flooring, carpet cleaning, mold remediation, water damage, and more.

Once property has been inspected for mold by a certified company, what is the next step?

If the mold inspection finds mold, the next step is to formulate a remediation plan. This begins with removing the source of the moisture that’s allowing the mold to grow. Failure to remove the moisture, may result in the mold grow back. Hard surfaces should be scrubbed. Soft surfaces like carpets or foam tiles have to be cut out and replaced, if they have mold embedded. It is impossible to clean all the mold off of porous surfaces.

R4 Clean has a track record of superior service and respose to customers in in the state of Georgia. The cities we serve in this market are:

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